Tri-Fly Air Volume 1

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Tri-Fly Air Volume 1

Nyt voit opetella kangasakrobatiaa kotona Tri-Fly AIr opetus-DVD:n avulla.

Opi kangasakrobatian perusteet kotona! Brittiläisen KT Coatesin kehittämä DVD sisältää runsaasti perusliikkeitä ja liikkeissä riittää haastetta jo hieman ilmaakrobatiaa kokeilleellekin.

DVD on englanninkielinen ja sisältää seuraavat osat:

Elevate and fly to an improved fit and firm body with Tri-Fly Air Volume 1
- home users of the Aerial Swing and instructors alike can now practice tricks,
flips and supported inversions, whilst effectively improving strength, flexibility
Tri-Fly Air Volume 1

Tri-Fly Air comes in five parts for user’s home Aerial Fitness workout;

Part 1
Introduction to the Swing and key points for a safe, effective
and enjoyable workout.

Part 2
Warm up and prepare the body with mobilisation and gentle

Part 3
Core strength and conditioning exercises to target deeper Core
muscles, using the Swing to support the body to reduce pressure on
joints and muscles

Part 4
Muscle strength and conditioning exercises for the lower and upper body. Reducing impact
on the muscles and joints to safely build stamina

Part 5
Special Tricks section with step-by-step detailed instruction and breakdown of fun circusinspired moves that integrate beauty, strength and flexibility with a WOW Factor!
Learn with KT Coates, Internationally renowned Fitness Instructor as she guides users through a fun Aerial Fitness routine. Incorporating Aerial Fitness into your
routine will leave you feeling better defined, lighter, stronger, longer and leaner.


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