Monkey grip

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Monkey grip

Erityisesti tankotanssijoille suunnattu geelimäinen grippi.

Monkey Hands is a gel grip aid designed specially for pole dancers. The creators have developed 3 formulas which they have honed to perfection over the last 7 years.
Classic (Blue) : Helps your hands stop sweating and provides slight additional grip when practicing. Excellent for more experienced pole dancers.
Sticky (Red) : Helps your hands stop sweating and provides strong additional grip when practicing. Best for beginners and pole dancers who struggle with sweaty hands.
Sensitive Skin (Purple) : Same as classic grip but contains an additional ingredient to help pole dancers who are prone to skin irritations.
Bottle Size: 60ml
Unlike most grip aids Monkey Grip does not contain Pine Tar. Pine Tar is difficult to remove from your pole without the use of acetone or harsh chemicals which damage the coating on your pole in the long term. Monkey hands can be removed using water.

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